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About Des Moines

Des Moines is the capital of Iowa and is the hub for Iowa's political, economic and cultural atomspheres. With a population of 456,000 it offers the bustle and innovation of a metropolis while keeping small town, close-knit community values at its heart.

Des Moines is a great place to :


Des Moines

Come to Des Moines to relax in an educational setting and enjoy Midwest hospitality. Des Moines offers shopping, dining, theater, biking, running or trails options to meet your needs.  Listed below are some of the many available opportunities, or found out 100 fun things to see and do in Des Moines.


Central Iowa offers many tour locations for conference participants and family to spend their free time. Whether you wish to walk back in time at a century-old working farm, or chart new territories in virtual reality, experiencing the technology that Iowa State has to offer, we have the fit for you!

Shop and Dine:

The city has a lot to offer for family entertainment, shopping and