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Pre-Conference Schedule

Monday, May 2nd - Pre-Conference Schedule
10:00 am-Noon (CST) Registration
Noon-1:30 pm (CST)

Opening Luncheon with keynote presentation, Best Practices in Managing Diversity and Leveraging the Value it Brings

Luke Visconti, Chief Executive Officer of Diversity Inc Media LLC.

1:45-3:15 pm (CST)

Plenary Session - Investments Made and Strategies to Increase Diversity in Extension

3:15-3:30 pm (CST) Break
3:30-4:30 pm (CST)

Breakout Sessions

5:45-7:30 pm (CST) Welcome Reception, Des Moines Embassy Club
Tuesday, May 3rd - Pre-Conference Schedule
7:30-9:00 am (CST) Breakfast with Morning Presentation
Congressman Chaka Fattah, Chairman Congressional Urban Caucus
9:15-10:45 am (CST)

Plenary Session - Collaborative Partnerships in Urban Extension

  • Building Connections with ExtensionTrudy M. Rice , NaCO Large Urban Counties Caucus, NaCO
  • Best Practices for Building Collaborative Partners Around the Globe Donald Tobias, Executive Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension, New York, NY
  • White House Office of Urban Affairs, Focus on Engagement and Outreach (invited)
10:45-11:00 am (CST) Break
11:00-11:40 am (CST)

Capstone Address - Urban Connections, USU/APLU/CES for the Enhancement of Outreach and Engagement

Shari O.Garmise, PhD. Vice President of USU/APLU, Office of Urban Initiatives


Conference Schedule

Tuesday, May 3rd

10:00-Noon (CST) Registration
Noon-12:30 pm (CST) Welcome & Opening Remarks - Luis Rico-Gutierrez, Dean of the College of Design, Iowa State University
12:40-1:30 pm (CST) Lunch
1:30-2:30 pm (CST) Keynote Speaker - Breaking Barriers: Concrete Tools for Changing the Lives of People in PovertyDonna Beegle, Ed.D., National public speaker and author of "See Poverty, Be the Difference"
2:45-3:45 pm (CST) Breakout Session 1
3:45-4:00 pm (CST) Break
4:00-5:00 pm (CST) Breakout Session 2
6:00-9:00 pm (CST)

An Evening in the Gardens

Des Moines Botanical and Environmental Center

Wednesday, May 4th - Conference Schedule
8:00-9:30 am (CST) Breakfast Speaker - Oh No! Not the Welfare Model of Cooperative Extension ResearchDorothy Freeman, State 4-H Program Leader and Assistant Director, University of Minnesota Extension
9:30-10:00 am (CST) Break
10:00-11:00 am (CST) Breakout Session 3
11:00 am-1:00 pm (CST) Luncheon with Keynote Speaker - Rebooting Extension: Outreach Strategies for the Decade AheadJames D. Oliver, Ph.D., Associate Chancellor and Assistant Dean/Regional Director for the University of Illinois
1:30-2:30 pm (CST) Breakout Session 4
2:30-3:00 pm (CST) Break
3:00-4:00 pm (CST) Breakout Session 5
4:15-5:15 pm (CST)

Plenary Sessions


Evening out on own

Take advantage of the many optional evening outings!

Thursday, May 5th - Conference Schedule
7:30-8:30 am (CST)

Breakfast Speaker - Promising Practices for 4-H Science in Urban Communities

Chad Ripberger, National 4-H Project Director, 4-H Science in Urban Communities

8:45-9:45 am (CST) Breakout Session 6
10:00-11:15 am (CST) General Session, Capstone Speaker - Leadering our Diverse and Urban Communities: The Power of WeJuana Bordas, President of Mestiza Leadership International
11:15-11:30 am (CST) Closing Remarks, Robin Shepard, Executive Director for the North Central Cooperative Extension Association (NCCEA)